Hispanic Americans are optimistic about improving their credit score in 2017 learn more about it.

Did you know that while fewer U.S. Hispanics are satisfied with their credit score compared to all adults, they appear to be more motivated to improve their score in the next year, with many more having a plan than adults nationally. According to the Chase Slate 2017 Outlook Survey, less than half of Hispanics (47%) are very satisfied with their credit score compared to 55% of Americans nationally who have checked their credit score, but 72% of Hispanics would like to improve their credit score. They are starting to put credit improvement plans into action.

  • Money and love do mix. In relationships, most Hispanics believe that having credit transparency in the couple is important. I been worrying more and more on improving my credit lately. It’s a great thing to have in order for a building a future together with your loved one.
  • Things that you should know about keeping a good credit score.

Building a good credit score takes time, probably at least six months of on-time payments.

Practice these good credit habits to build your score and show that you’re creditworthy:

  1. Make 100% of your payments on time, not only with credit accounts but also with other accounts, such as utility bills. Bills that go unpaid may be sold to a collection agency, which will seriously hurt your credit.
  2. Keep your credit utilization low — utilization is your balance when compared to your limit. We recommend paying in full each month, but if do you carry a balance don’t let it exceed 30% of your credit limit.
  3. Avoid opening too many new accounts at once; new accounts lower your average account age, which makes up part of your credit score.
  4. Keep accounts open for as long as possible. Unless one of your unused cards has an annual fee, you should keep them all open and active for the sake of your length of payment history and credit utilization.
  5. Check each of your credit reports annually for errors and discrepancies.

You can start thinking on your future and making new improvements es muy importante. Para saber construir hay que saber armar y pensar bien a futuros. Ve hoy por ti y manana por tu familia tambien.

Check your credit score constantly.

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