Feeding Babies and Starting Solid Foods? Mom's I got something for you - Fernanda Romero

Hello friends, To all my mamas that are struggling with solids. YUmi it's a service that I had tried and made my life easier. Being a working Mom and making all the baby meals sometimes it's challenging but I like to mix it up with Yumi. Yumi is a subscription service that delivers freshly-made baby foods to parents' doorsteps. Tech's Laurie Segall talks to Yumi's founders about how they plan to optimize meals for your kid's first 1000 days of life. These 1000 days are super important for your baby. So Moms out there if you don't want to cook or don't have the time. Try Yumi. Don't forget to follow us @Caryday https://www.instagram.com/caryday/?hl=en @fernandaromeroo https://www.instagram.com/fernandarom...

  • Jun 19, 2019
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