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Hello friends,


I am so thrilled to share this Bassinet call the "Snoo" this product has amazing reviews from lot's of parents and  busy moms like myself.

After the second trimester my hubby and I started to search for products that will help us through parenthood and specially the first few months..

Everyone has scared us and keeps telling us that we need to sleep and sleep and pretty much that we will never sleep again..

To be honest I FREAKED OUT even though I am a morning person.

But hearing all that made me a bit worried and that's how I came across this magic bassinet that was created by Dr. Harvey Karp author of the Happiest Baby on the block.

And these are the benefits...


Boosts your baby’s sleep

SNOO is the only bed that boosts sleep 1-2+ hours by soothing babies with the constant rumbly sound and gentle rocking they loved in the womb.

Calms your baby’s crying

SNOO "hears" your baby’s cries and automatically responds with 5 levels of gradually stronger white noise and motion to find the best level to soothe fussing.

Keeps your baby safer

Our 5-second swaddle prevents risky rolling…giving your baby all the benefits of swaddling, without the risks. And, it’s totally flat, which is important because doctors warn babies should never sleep seated in rockers or swings. That makes SNOO the only bassinet that meets all American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations.

Teaches your baby to sleep through the night

SNOO’s rhythmic motion automatically reduces night waking and helps your baby learn to self-soothe and be a great sleeper. There’s no more need for babies to "cry it out.”

Eases transition to crib

It’s easy to wean your baby from SNOO to a crib at around 6 months. Simply turn on the app’s weaning option, and within a week your baby will sleep great without any motion.
As soon as I read that I was like I AM SOLD!!
So I will keep you guys posted and I probably will do a video of how fantastic this bassinet works so you new parents won't freak out like we did and still can be proactive during the day.
Share your comments or concerns happy to read all of you.

  • Jun 19, 2018
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