My new hair Obsession "Unwash"


Unwash it's a new brand I came  across and it's unbelievable I swear that it works.

So I basically apply it on my roots and then just let it dry and VABOOM it ads volume and feels full  healthy.

I wanted to show on this video a little bit of what is a day in my life between being mommy and also working sometimes can be challenging.


An looking good let's not forget about it. As woman we have a lot to do and handle but we  can make it happen so products like this one makes our lives easier on the go.

It works wonders. I have thin hair and makes my hair look full and ready like a magazine shoot.

I was pleasantly surprised, not only did it leave my hair feeling cleaner but it also dried very quickly. I wouldn't use this more than once before you wash your hair, it isn't as usable as the aerosol dry shampoo.. Dry shampoo, I can use a day or two and still feel confident in not having greasy hair..



Les queria compartir un producto que estoy obsesionada últimamente.

Es un producto super facial de usar y también agrega volumen.


Lo mas padre de todo es que no dana el pelo y también no tiene sulfatos ni paragons asi que es bueno utilizarlo.

Algo que si me gustaría que tuvieran es un tamaño mas chiquito para que me lo lleve a todos lados.


  • Mar 20, 2019
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