“My skin is still Glowing”

Post-delivery, or some would say, “the 4th trimester" can be quite erratic in terms of the effects it has on a women’s body. Not only that, but with the baby needing my full attention, it’s difficult to address any physical concerns of mine including skincare.


Luckily, while still pregnant I had read all sorts of crazy stories about what my body would go through at this time. I knew at that time that I had to prepare for the worse and this meant properly preparing my skin for the 4th trimester battle ahead.


In preparing for the battles my skin and body would face during the first few months of my child’s life, I serendipitously came across Skinn Cosmetics and their highly coveted anti-aging line, Collagenesis® PEP40, which addresses a multitude of skincare concerns from aging to dry skin to discolorations. For the battle I was about to face, I needed it all.


The first product I used in the line was Skinn’s PEP40 Creme Riche moisturizing cream. I added this to my PM skincare routine to combat dryness and decrease any fine lines and wrinkles I adopted during the course of my pregnancy. For drier skin types, I’d recommend using this product during the day as well, but for oily to combo skin like mine, nighttime use will suffice to realize the full & magical benefits of this product.


Overall, after only a couple months of using this product, my skin has completely firmed up, brightened and now exudes a youthful glowing appearance throughout the entire day! Thanks to the Creme Riche’s powerful blend of actives and peptides, my fatigue is no longer obvious. It’s almost as if the product completely masked the effects this pregnancy had on my face.


Just last month, after much success with the Creme Riche moisturizing cream, I got my hands on the new PEP40 Sérum Eye. I still needed to tackle the issue of puffy eyes from lack of sleep! I began using twice a day and even 3 times some days if I had to wake up in the middle of the night for an extra feeding.


Believe me when I say my eyes no longer look puffy like they did a month ago! In fact, they look super hydrated and refreshed. It’s almost as if I was never pregnant at all.


The PEP40 line has honestly worked miracles for my skincare routine and all it took was two products. Before I discovered this line, my face appeared tired most days from stress, lack of sleep and other factors stemming from not having the time or energy to address my skin. Now I feel confident to go anywhere or do anything knowing that I am doing the most for my skin in terms of anti-aging and that my skin is literally GLOWING!

 I do have one more secret and a gem of a discovery from Skinn to share with you all. It is their Oleo Serum! This one really penetrates my skin and I like to apply it before my make up to prep it. It's ingredients include Blue Zone ingredients like Olive oil from Greece so it's super Rich in antioxidants and has anti pollution properties.


So there you go.... Just a little secret that has been working wonders for me and my skin!


I can now say BYE BYE to the visible effects of sleepless nights.


Thank you Skinn!

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  • Sep 18, 2018
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