Sebastian's 1st B Day



For  Sebastian's 1st Bday, we decided to do a little tropical baby shark theme party.


Where we live it's pretty hot so a pool party for the babies was super fun.


I stayed on the tropical side with the decorations. Found the balloons on Amazon that by the way, I had no idea I could inflate them myself with a straw and I threw it the night before not knowing what I could do with it.


Yes!! It was a bit hectic.


But we made it happen.. the cake was from Noras Cake which she is here in LA and her cakes are always the bomb. It was Dulce de Leche this time.


I never get to save even one piece.


Got a bunch of inflatables from Michaels.


Peruvian Lama

For the food, we did tacos. They are convenient and you don't have to worry about cooking and being in the kitchen all day.

 Also, the cute umbrella is from "Business and Pleasure" here they have more options as well for any garden events.




Here is the link for all the things we bought for his BDay on Amazon


  • Jun 24, 2019
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