Tata Harper
For all my Mamas this is a MUST so you DONT get #stretchmarks and it’s all natural. Here is my interview with Tata Harper ☀️🌿
1. Tell us more about yourself... Would you say you are a busy mom to be? What does that look like for you?
Honestly at this moment of my life I have taken a little break from work and enjoy my pregnancy as much as I can. It has been busy but didn't want to to auditions and put that stress on me. I wanted to enjoy every month and very change in my body and embracing motherhood..

2. What about using non-toxic natural skincare gives you peace of mind? What does that mean in context of your pregnancy? This is a product that I cant trust and can recommend to my friends during their pregnancy. I like all the natural ingredients and its been helping me with my brown spots, hydration and also with giving my skin a beautiful glow. I also love that it has no toxins, fillers or artificial colors. 
Using non toxic product has been key during my pregnancy. I realize the importance of having a clean and healthy lifestyle for me and for my baby.
It's so important what we apply and everything gets absorb.
3. What are your favorite Tata Harper Skincare products for pregnancy? Body Balm is always a favorite for our moms-to-be, preventing and dealing with stretch-marks, do you love it?
I love the Body Balm because it smells delightful and most importantly it lasts a while on your belly after applying it. It's  not sticky and it leaves my belly hydrated for hours. For the last few months I was applying it 3 times a day.
Only because my belly was growing fast. It controlled my itchiness as well.
Other product I LOVE is the Brightening Essence it gives me a radiant look and tone correcting effects. Being pregnant we go through a lot of hormone changes and it alteres our skin and sometimes we can have a bit of melasma and these dark spots cant be treated with lasers or peels.
  • Jul 09, 2018
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