Are the Gerber Kid's multivitamin gummies right for my baby?

I would like to talk to you about two multivitamins from this company that will support your child's development.

Our children's nutrition is a serious matter. As mothers we always want what's best for them and because of that we worry about ensuring they get all the right nutrients 100% of the time. Today I would like to talk to you about the Gerber multivitamin: is it right for your baby?

The first thing you need to know is that baby food products are planned by stages, so you must make sure to check the label so you buy the one that corresponds with your child's age. Gerber's pureed baby foods are divided in the following stages: newborn (0-4 months), supported sitter (4-6 months), sitter (6-8 months) and crawler (8-12 months).

Every aspect of Gerber baby food is meant to reflect our motherly care in our child's health, from the fact that it includes the right fruit for the right age, the texture, the cooking level of the ingredients, being preservative-free, or the fact that the puree remains sterilized right up to the point you open the pack. You can rest assured Gerber is as concerned with offering as much quality and safety to your baby as you are.

But that's not all, for the last few years Gerber has also introduced a Junior line of products, aimed at children 12+ and 24+ months old, so you can ensure your child's nutrition through the toddler and pre-schooler stages. Gerber's Junior products include multivitamins that can give your child that extra help they need for their health and development.


Multivitamins for the mental and physical development of your baby.

So Gerber will not only support the early stages of infancy but now also helps your baby's development into healthy childhood. This is the aim of their multivitamins, which in addition to coming in a great tasting gummy presentation will also contribute to your child's physical and mental development. It's great, don't you think?

I give my little Sebastian two of Gerber's multivitamins: Grow Mighty Complete Kids and Lil' Brainies Omega Tri-Blend & DHA Kids. He loves them!

Grow Mighty includes several nutrients like vitamin C, D and E that help to fortify his immune system and his bones. Lil' Brainies is formulated with omega 3, 6 and 9, ideal for his brain development and his memory.

The best thing is that these gummies contain synthetic colors, no artificial flavors and, most importantly, less than one gram of sugar. Even so, my son thinks they are candies and really enjoys eating them. They are really delicious and I can guarantee you that your children won't get enough of them. 

You can get them in iHerb website: 

I want to know about your and your baby's experiences with Gerber products. Let me know in the comments if you give your children any supplements and the benefits that you have observed. I would love to read what you have to say!

  • Feb 10, 2021
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