Moms Need Privacy Please!




Hello Friends,

As Moms we need some privacy as well. I feel like after having Baby my whole life changed and also I had to learn to put limits with him too.

Not sure if you feel the same way. But kids don't care and demand demand attention 24/7 which is fine but sometimes it's healthy to have your 5 min break or your ME time. Whatever that might be think of yourself as well.

We get lost so many times in the whole thing and we just move and act like that's the only option we have. But we can make changes.


I am trying to teach Sebastian that Mommy sometimes needs Me time and he can go and play for a little and I'll be back.

Setting limits and boundaries are important. So far it keeps me sane.

Let me know your thoughts and also what has worked for you as well.


Thank you for reading.








  • Dec 05, 2020
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